How to Integrate Math into Physical Education

It is no wonder that mathematics is an important part of students’ syllabus throughout middle school and high school. Math plays an important role in our lives, which go beyond the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. However, a majority of the PE educators consider integrating mathematics into physical education as a part of their PE planning.

Incorporating mathematics into PE could be simple or complex as per a student’s level of comprehension. It requires a PE teacher to teach using basics of mathematics to help a student improve its performance in physical activities. It also helps a student to develop a logical and problem-solving thinking—which is a bonus.

If you are a PE teacher, and you want to shake up your PE planning—you should consider the integration of mathematics into PE by following the given tactics:

Part and Parcel:

In this method, a teacher is required to refrain from making the integration as a core of the syllabus. A teacher should only add certain aspects and elements of mathematics to it, rather than making it one class about math, which could get tedious. Using the part and parcel method is limited to having the students dribble the basketball or, counting the number of goals in a courtyard.

Age appropriate:

A majority of the students act differently to mathematical questions; therefore, a PE teacher should devise an age appropriate teaching module, if it consists of such mathematical questions. A teacher should take the actions to ensure that the integration of mathematics is understood by the students; else it would bore them significantly.

Processing the solution:

One of the outstanding features of mathematics motivates a student to solve problems. Physical educators are dedicated to helping their students in solving problems. Adding numbers and figures to the teaching module can assist a student in processing solution, as physical activities and solving mathematical questions strengthen their problem-solving capacities. So, it is a win-win situation.